On Site Repair Services
There is a one hour minimum for site visits, and we bill in thirty minute increments after the first hour.
$99.95 / Hour
Plus applicable travel fees
For locations outside of Burlington and Mount Vernon commuting time will be charged at the $20 per hour rate. Locations in Burlington and Mount Vernon will not incur travel fees.
General PC Repair Services
This service relates to any PC upgrade or repair.
$69.95 / Hour
Computer Virus Removal
Scan and removal of computer viruses
Free Diagnostics
We will look at your computer to see what is wrong for Free

Available services include, but are not limited to:

  • Modem Installation
  • Repair Browser Installation
  • Repair Network Card Installation
  • Repair Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Operating System Troubleshooting / Installation / Repair
  • Peripheral Installation / Setup
  • Configuration General System Maintenance / Repair
  • Hardware Installation / Configuration / Repair

Repair Service Notes:

  • Virus removal service includes all available windows updates and spyware/adware removal.
  • Please call ahead to request computer repair prior to system drop off. This will allow for up-to-date information on repair times and lets us plan more effectively.
  • Systems in for repair are kept overnight and are generally not complete the day of drop off.
  • Customers will be notified via phone when their system is available for pickup.
  • Repair lasting more than two hours in length will result in the customer being contacted prior to any repair beyond hour 2.
  • Customers may request fewer or more pre-authorize repair hours at time of system drop off.

System Eligibility Requirements:

Computers must meet the following minimum criteria for acceptance in computer repair. The user’s machine must:

  • System must be installed with Windows XP or newer.
  • The systems must have at least one functioning USB port, or a functioning Ethernet adapter.
  • Have no other computer trouble that would prevent requested repair.
  • Have PS/2 or usb ports for keyboard and mouse connectors.
  • Modem installation requests require a free PCI slot to be available.

Terms of Service
Fidalgo Networking is not responsible for the condition of your computer or its data before, during, and after repair service has been initiated. (i.e. In the unlikely event of spontaneous hardware/software failure.)